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Kurt Morrison Sterling Silver Garnet Pendant - Limited Edition Celtic Design | Unisex Design | B.C. Canada Artisan

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While the actual wax mold of this pendant dates to 1990, the sterling silver (hallmarked) pendant I present now was cast about 5 years ago. From Kurt Morrison, silversmith extraordinaire of Vancouver, B.C. Canada, may I offer a new design from his limited edition series of Celtic inspired jewelry. Round in shape, the original design is one of intense movement - based on the triskelion or triskeles, a motif consisting of a triple spiral exhibiting rotational symmetry. The spiral design can be based on interlocking Archimedean spirals, or represent three bent human legs. At the center of the design is a single 2mm garnet cab. Back is plain. The pendant has a nice large jump ring bale at the top so that a thick (or thin) chain can be placed through the opening. Size of the pendant is 1-1/8" wide x 1-3/8" high (to top of bale). Weight is 10.6 grams. Just needs the right chain - mine's just for show. This pendant is one of 2 designs Kurt recently sent me - look for the other in my shop.


I've personally known Kurt Morrison since 1977. I've seen, first hand, the incredible development of Kurt's work from his early beginnings in lost wax casting to his present day "One of a Kind" pieces that are commissioned by corporations and celebrities alike (one of his very earliest pieces was given as a gift to Barry Manilow in 1978). Here's a little blurb I put together regarding Kurt and me.........

"Kurt and I both lived in Vancouver, B.C. in the late 1970s. I met him in Gastown and again while he was exhibiting at a Circle Craft Co-Operative craft fair and to say that I was awe inspired by the gent is to say the least. His work was incredible and made my poor attempts at silversmithing look like the amateurish projects I considered them to be.

Kurt's early days in Vancouver were spent learning his trade, trying every possible form of jewelry-making that was available, even so far as to take over my enamel kiln and my enamels as it was an experience he just HAD to try! Kurt lived on a shoestring budget during those days, living in the basement of a house that had the worst lighting imaginable. He survived mainly on peanut butter sandwiches as that was basically all he could afford to buy in the way of food. Sheesh, how I came to HATE the smell of peanut butter during those days! Kurt would rather spend money on buying gold, silver and gems than on food (no wonder he was so skinny in those days)! While his presence at multiple craft fairs elicited a small income, it was never enough to buy all the jewelry-related items Kurt wanted. The man loved to experiment and has NEVER been completely satisfied with any of his work. He truly believes that with each and every item he creates he can "do better."

During the 1980s, Kurt was forced to leave Vancouver due to rising housing prices. While I moved to Los Angeles (and then onto Missouri), at that time Kurt decided to move to one of the B.C. Islands settling on Hornby. In 2015, again due to rising housing prices, Kurt jumped over to Vancouver Island settling in a small community near Courteney. He continued to do shows on the mainland and consign his product to a number of stores, but again, the income was never quite enough to let him pursue all the techniques he wanted to perfect. 

Kurt has formed silver to many different applications - not only jewelry but also knife handles, small sculptures and more. I must say that with every new design he has manufactured, I can see the development in his handiwork - it just got better and better! The only thing Kurt lacks in becoming a world renowned artisan (besides a regular income), is exposure. And with this listing I hope to remedy that."

Perfect for any occasion - the proceeds from the sale of this pendant help Kurt to continue silversmithing AND to keep him sending me more goodies to offer to my clients.

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