Frequently Asked Questions

At Finnalby, we prioritize your success as our success, with transparency and collaboration, empowering you to make informed decisions for your business. We are committed to you, and creating a harmonious ecosystem where wholesalers, resellers, retailers and buyers succeed together. Finnalby has revolutionized the way wholesalers and resellers connect, enabling a seamless transition from wholesale to retail within a single integrated system. We are proud to be the only marketplace where wholesalers can effortlessly sell their products to resellers, who can then directly convert and market this product to consumers. With Finnalby, we bridge the gap between the wholesale and retail sectors, empowering businesses to thrive and grow in a connected and dynamic ecosystem. Join us today and experience the power of streamlined trading and expanded market opportunities. We offer a unique experience beyond Faire and Etsy.
At the moment, Finnalby exclusively supports wholesale and retail operations within the United States. However, we have exciting plans to extend our reach to other countries and regions in the upcoming months. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date as we work towards expanding our global presence.
Yes! Finnalby does not require exclusivity. We are here to help you succeed. We will be able to complement your existing sales strategy and provide you with additional exposure to boost your sales to make you more successful. Our platform aims to empower your business by opening up new market opportunities. We do ask that pricing is the same on all sites.
We gladly accept applications from businesses that fulfill the following criteria: Your business is established and registered within the United States. You possess a valid seller's permit and Employer Identification Number (EIN). By meeting these essential requirements, you can position your market brand to become a part of Finnalby's diverse community of passionate business owners. Join us on this exciting journey, and let your products thrive on our curated platform.
Once you submit your application to Finnalby, our dedicated team will diligently review your application and offerings. We value each application and strive to provide a timely response. You can expect to hear back from us within 24-48 Hours regarding the status of your application.
Absolutely! Finnalby is continuously evolving and expanding. If, in the future, your business undergoes changes that align with our brand criteria, you are more than welcome to reapply. We encourage you to stay connected with us via our newsletter and website to explore the possibilities of joining our marketplace.
Yes! We believe strongly in giving back and it is one of our main objectives at Finnalby. We donate to St. Jude, and believe so much in their cause that we will be offering a round up for St. Jude option for each buyer as well at checkout! We are currently vetting other options for Finnalby to give back to, and will open these up as round up options in the future. A little goes a long way to make massive change.
Yes. Our third party payment processor, Stripe, collects your sales tax at the sale of the product in states that Finnalby currently remits sales tax in and Finnalby will remit this to the the referenced states below on behalf of the seller. We strive to make this as seamless of a process as possible. If Sellers have already exceeded the economic nexus in a certain jurisdiction due to your sales on other platforms, joining Finnalby won't relieve you of the obligation to collect sales tax for that jurisdiction. You are still required to collect and remit all appropriate sales taxes prior to Finnalby hitting your location nexus. Currently Finnalby remits sales tax in the state of Florida only. See your accountant for more information.
No, we welcome resellers and retailers with brick and mortar, online stores, and pop-up stores. All types of retail setups are eligible to participate in wholesale shopping on Finnalby.
Finnalby does not allow drop shipping on its platform.
We welcome sellers to have their own website, we will be offering a plan for you to have your own website through us, that integrates and streamlines your sales and your inventory levels, and we allow our sellers to sell on other platforms. We are not here to restrict you, but to help you sell more with Finnalby.
The Finnalby mobile app is currently in development and is all inclusive, so the sellers do not need to have multiple apps for sellers and buyers. This mobile app is estimated to launch in Q4 2023.
You are always welcome to do your own marketing, however, at Finnalby we believe in helping our sellers get maximum exposure, so we will be launching multiple ways that we will market and build your business on Finnalby. We want you to succeed, as when you succeed, we succeed. This is why we take an avid role in your marketing. This is all part of the world of Finnalby.
Finnalby has similar SEO as the competitors, however, we use AI within the site, allowing you to add relative keywords and descriptions for your products that can be found on Google. We also provide you with classes and information on optimizing your listings for Google to give you better SEO.
On Finnalby you can have as many listings as you wish. We do not limit you or your success. We also have variations available as well as customization and personalization options, digital downloads and Classes and Tutorials in the Strictly Handmade section.
Yes, we have full documentation created for all the different areas and procedures on Finnalby. We are here to help you succeed on Finnalby!
Yes, videos are a great addition to your listings. Videos will also help you move your market to the next level as your products will stand out from the others. As for length, they should stay under the 5MB for upload.
These Market Values are traits that provide valuable insights into a seller's practices and values, making it easier for you to find and support businesses that align with your preferences. When shopping on Finnalby, you might notice these market values in the intro section of a Market’s page. These values can help you find markets that support and share principles and commitments that are important to you.
Finnalby does not have passwords. We have integrated the newest and secure login procedures to our platforms. No passwords are necessary.
We are currently finishing up the integration to Shopify, and are currently working on creating an easy version to integrate to Woo Commerce for you.
Absolutely! The Finnalby Founders have a longstanding commitment to supporting St. Jude Children's Hospital as well as donating to help alleviate world hunger. Currently, we are in the process of implementing a feature that will allow buyers to round up their purchases for donations to St. Jude directly on our website. Furthermore, we're actively engaged in evaluating and vetting additional charitable organizations, with the aim of providing buyers with a range of choices to round up for at checkout. If you would like a specific charity to be considered, please notify us through our Contact Us page.