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Art Deco Made in France French Religious Baby Crib Protector - Celluloid Round with Cupid Putti Cherub

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From France and dating anywhere from C.1910 to C.1930,may I offer this celluloid baby crib protector featuring a center panel (gold tone metal) depicting Raphael's famous design of a Cherub - Putti - Angel - Cupid. With beading around the inner edge, the outer edge is nicely beveled. From top ring to bottom measures 4-1/4"; width is 3". Condition is very nice with no burn marks or discoloration to the celluloid. There is, however, a fine hairline at the back of piece (left) and a few flea bites along the back edge; just from plain old age I suspect. Clean, crisp stamp of the angel at the center. I must admit I added the pink bow to the top but I can switch it to blue if desired.

This type of religious item would have been purchased and given to the parents of a newborn. It would then be attached to the baby's crib (or hung on a wall) so that no harm would come to the infant while he/she slept. While many families could afford French Dieppe Croix de Berceau, a crib cross/crib crosses hand carved and embellished with the 3D face/head of an angel, the common folk could only afford celluloid or even "of lesser value" pieces. This particular item would probably have been purchased at a mid price range as the detailing is so wonderful. Priced accordingly.

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